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Gain an unfair advantage.

Bear Cognition is a high-touch business intelligence, data analytics, and data management platform and solutions company. Our unique SwaS™ (Software with a Service) model brings proprietary tools together with our own Data Professionals. We are a business intelligence and data analytics company helping clients improve their performance and gain an unfair advantage - more efficiently and effectively than they ever thought possible.

We are different.

Our SwaS™ model pairs the speed and convenience of a SaaS solution with expert Data Professionals to efficiently and effectively extract data intelligence and performance improvements from the data. 

Bear Cognition's Software with a Service model pairs the speed and convenience of a SaaS solution with collaborative insights
Team of Certified Data Professionals who work hand in hand with our clients,  collaborating on tailored solutions.

What does that mean for you?

Bear Cognition’s team of Certified Data Professionals work hand in hand with clients, collaborating on tailored solutions, streamlining new technologies and providing faster and better outcomes. Ultimately, this creates a specialized answer for your specialized problem: A business intelligence platform created just for you. 

We don't try to fit your problem into our tech,
we customize our tech to fit your problem.

How it's done.

Data is complicated but working with us is easy.

A simplified business model built around your unique situation, Bear Cognition cracks the code of complex data and delivers actionable intelligence in a way that is actually… intelligible, not to mention easy to access.

Bear Cognition Inc.
business consultation to determine needs


Every business's needs differ

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Connect & Collect

Gather all necessary data

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Consolidate data from every silo

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Create, organize and maintain data sets

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Perform modeling & optimization on data

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Display reports that actually make sense

Don't take our word for it. 

See what our customers have to say.

Bobby Youngs


Canopy Ad Co.

Canopy Advertising
"There are a lot of online marketing data visualization software options on the market. But I've found only one data visualization service that comes with a team as part of their product. Bear Cognition solves a pressing dilemma in the digital marketing space - having the internal resources to create custom dashboards for clients and explore innovations in those dashboards in a cost and time efficient way. Bear Cognition provides a team of data visualization experts that allows us to build custom reporting dashboards and explore innovations without having to build out an expensive internal team. I'm not sure there is another solution out there that offers the scale that Bear Cognition delivers." 
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