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Bear Cognition is a performance analytics company for mission-critical organizations that want to use the power of data to gain an unfair advantage.

Our leadership team understands the ability of data to transform business performance: the company’s founders come from the ultra-demanding transportation & logistics industry. Today, Bear Cognition’s unique Software With a Service (SwaS™) model links proprietary tools with the company’s own Data Lab experts, helping our partners use data to improve performance faster and more efficiently than they ever thought possible. Our unique approach is grounded in understanding that a tool is only as valuable as the team using it. At Bear Cognition, we offer more than data management solutions; we deliver unwavering support and business development strategies from a proven team of scientists, analysts, engineers, and business leaders.

Our commitment goes beyond technology; it’s about empowering you with expertise and guidance to maximize your data and business potential. Athlete, shipper or marketer – when success is on the line, you need your data to perform.


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