Security at Bear Cognition

At Bear Cognition security and privacy is of paramount importance to us, so rest assured that we have you and your data covered. 

Data Security

Our team of highly skilled engineers ensures that all of your data is kept secure whether in transit or at rest. We are always working to validate and improve our stringent access control policies to meet or  Our team is trained in the latest threat detection, intrusion mitigation, and disaster recovery practices so that all of our data is secured.

Application Security

Bear Cognition utilizes a number of software tools to ingest, host, and visualize your data. Our technologies include Fivetran, Snowflake, and Tableau. Each software has a set of its own encryption measures that our engineers are fully up to date on. 

Infrastructure Security

Bear Cognition utilizes multi-factor authentication(MFA) practices to ensure your data can only be accessed by those with permissions. We also utilize software such as DataDog and AWS Cloudwatch/Cloudtrail to monitor the traffic of our application usage.

Our Technology

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