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ROS (Revenue Optimization System) 

Automating Shipment Pricing for Maximum Efficiency and Profitability 

What Is ROS?

Enhanced Data Visualization 

The system allows salespeople to evaluate pricing per invoice or apply a blanket policy based on corporate cost guidelines. 

Using AI, the system analyzes invoices to suggest strategic pricing options, maximizing profitability and competitiveness. 

AI-Enhanced Recommendations 

Enhanced OCR Analysis 

Our AI-powered Document Analyzer, CoDA, processes complex invoice data from PDFs and CSVs, eliminating manual entry with 97% accuracy. CoDA can be edited and trained for continuous improvement. 

After finalizing the pricing strategy, the system generates a detailed, professional proposal ready for presentation. 

Automated Proposal Generation 

ROS Report-high 1.gif

The Impact.

Implementation of the Revenue Optimization System has dramatically reduced the processing time from up to 9 hours to just 15-25 minutes. Additionally, the client has reported a significant increase in gross margin, ranging from 3% to 6% on new clients, thanks to more strategic and responsive pricing decisions.   

 Efficient Data Processing 

 AI-Enhanced Decision Making 

 Intelligent Pricing Strategy 

 Significant Time and Cost Efficiency 

How We Do It.

See It In Action.

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