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Shipping Cost Management

Business Impact

Reduction in Shipping Cost Overruns and Improvement in Operational Efficiency

Technologies Used

Team of Certified Data Professionals, working hand in hand with clients

Problem Overview

The customer, dealing with a high volume of daily shipments from their warehouse, faced challenges in identifying cost-saving opportunities and operational inefficiencies. Their process of tracking shipping costs was fragmented, spread across several Excel worksheets, making it cumbersome to monitor and analyze shipping variances effectively. Particularly, they struggled to track shipments that incurred billing higher than their initial quotes. The need was to centralize shipping cost data per order and simplify the identification of cost-intensive shipments. Additionally, a single individual managed the entire process, adding to the complexity of the task.


To meet the customer's needs, a comprehensive solution was implemented for consolidating and analyzing shipping costs. This system centralized all shipping cost data into one accessible location, enabling easy tracking of each order's shipping expenses. Special focus was placed on identifying and flagging shipments with costs exceeding their quoted amounts. The system was designed not only for efficiency but also for user-friendliness, considering it was to be managed by a single individual. This streamlined approach allowed for quick identification of high-cost shipments and potential operational flaws, leading to significant cost-saving opportunities and enhanced operational oversight.


  • Centralized shipping cost management for all orders

  • Enhanced visibility into shipping cost variances and overruns

  • Simplified process managed by a single individual for operational efficiency 

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