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Shipping Automation

Business Impact

Reduction in Logistics Operational Cost: 32%

Technologies Used

Team of Certified Data Professionals
Amazon Sagemaker

Problem Overview

In an era where efficient logistics and shipping management are pivotal, our customer faced challenges in streamlining their shipping process and gaining control over their logistics operations. Despite utilizing platforms such as ShipStation and UPS, they were hindered by a lack of comprehensive analytics, relying instead on basic Excel documents for tracking shipments and costs. The customer sought a solution that could provide real-time insights, including variance analysis and current trends, all within a user-friendly interface. This would enable them to effortlessly manage their shipping process, understand logistical dynamics in-depth, and make informed decisions to optimize their operations.


Leveraging our expertise in data analytics, we developed a tailored solution combining pre-built applications and customized modules to transform our customer's logistics management. This innovative approach enabled them to access crucial insights for making strategic business decisions. Our solution offered an executive overview of their logistics department, integrating real-time data analysis with user-friendly interfaces. By conducting thorough data integration, we ensured seamless incorporation of information from their existing shipping platforms like Shipstation and UPS. This integration facilitated in-depth variance analysis and trend tracking, moving beyond the limitations of traditional Excel-based tracking. The result was a comprehensive, data-driven tool that not only provided immediate insights into logistics operations but also empowered the customer to optimize their shipping processes and achieve operational excellence.


  • Streamlined Logistics Workflow with Enhanced Real-Time Analytics

  • Comprehensive Integration and Tracking of Multiple Shipping Platforms

  • Improved Operational Decision-Making Through Executive Dashboard Insights

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