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Small Parcel Pricing Optimization Tool

Business Impact

Enhancement in Pricing Strategy Efficiency

100+ hours saved per annum 

Technologies Used

Team of Certified Data Professionals that work hand in hand with clients.
Amazon Lamda
Amazon SNS

Problem Overview

In the fast-paced world of customer relationship management, our customer faced significant hurdles with their existing CRM and supporting software. The lack of visibility into day-to-day operations hindered their ability to attract new business efficiently. Account executives were encumbered with intensive, manual processes for customer pricing, often relying on guesswork to determine the most effective pricing strategies. This manual workload left no room for internal process improvement, leading to inefficiencies and potential lost opportunities.


Bear Cognition's innovative pricing optimization tool represents a significant leap in efficiency for our customer. Designed to ingest invoice data in both PDF and CSV formats, this tool rigorously analyzes each shipment, automatically generating pricing recommendations. This automation liberates account executives from the manual grind, allowing them to focus on strategic aspects of their role. While the tool offers autonomy in pricing, it also provides flexibility, enabling executives to manually adjust margins for specific shipment types as needed. The result is a perfect blend of automated efficiency and customizable control, tailored to the unique demands of modern CRM environments.


  • Automated Shipment Pricing Analysis for Enhanced Efficiency

  • Reduced Manual Workload for Account Executives

  • Flexible Margin Adjustment Capabilities for Tailored Pricing Strategies

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