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Integrating UA and GA4 with a Geographical Focus

Business Impact

Accuracy and Continuity in Data Reporting During UA to GA4 Transition

Technologies Used

Team of Certified Data Professionals

Problem Overview

A marketing company based in Charleston, SC, was navigating the transition of their clients from Universal Analytics (UA) to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). They sought a solution to aggregate data from both GA4 and UA, emphasizing the need for historical data to inform ongoing decision-making. Moreover, the company had specific interests in analyzing performance across different geographical regions, necessitating custom implementation to meet these targeted goals.


To address the unique requirements of this marketing company, a specialized module was developed to merge UA and GA4 data effectively. This module was designed to ensure continuity and consistency in data reporting throughout the UA to GA4 transition phase. Additionally, it incorporated the client’s internal goals data, focusing on the specific geographical regions targeted by their marketing strategies. This approach not only provided a comprehensive view of the client's data over time but also tailored the analytics to their specific needs, enhancing the decision-making process with precise and region-specific insights.


  • Unified Data Integration from UA and GA4 for Seamless Transition

  • Customized Analytics Focused on Targeted Geographical Regions

  • Enhanced Decision-Making with Historical and Goals Data Inclusion

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