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Geodemographic Insights

Business Impact

Increase in Marketing Efficiency and Expansion Success Rate

Technologies Used

Team of Certified Data Professional

Problem Overview

A large e-commerce company faced challenges in identifying and targeting their ideal customer profiles across different geographical regions in the United States. They required a sophisticated approach to combine their extensive sales data with demographic insights to pinpoint areas with a high concentration of potential customers. This analysis was crucial for refining their marketing strategies and guiding decisions on business expansion.


In response to the e-commerce company's need for targeted market analysis, Bear Cognition developed a solution that synergized U.S. census data with the company's internal sales information. This integration enabled the company to identify key areas across the country with a high percentage of their ideal customer profiles. By analyzing demographic trends and correlating them with existing sales data, Bear Cognition's approach provided a detailed, region-specific understanding of potential markets. This strategic insight not only enhanced the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns but also informed data-driven decisions for potential expansion, ensuring that the company focused its resources on areas with the highest potential for customer engagement and business growth.


  • Strategic Integration of U.S. Census Data with Company Sales Data

  • Enhanced Identification of Ideal Customer Profiles by Geographic Regions

  • Data-Driven Insights for Optimized Marketing and Informed Expansion Plans

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