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Enhanced Business Oversight in Multi-Location Restaurant Groups

Business Impact

Enhancement in Data Consolidation Efficiency and Decision-Making Accuracy

Technologies Used

Bear Cognition's team of Certified Data Professionals work hand in hand with clients, collaborating on tailored solutions.

Problem Overview

The owner of multiple restaurant groups encountered significant challenges in consolidating and accurately analyzing data from each of his locations. The need was to have a centralized system that could present comprehensive insights into various critical metrics such as labor costs, food costs, customer reviews, cash flow, and revenue from both in-person dining and takeout services. The lack of a unified reporting platform made it difficult for the owner and his team to effectively review and make informed decisions based on these diverse yet crucial data points.


In response to the needs of the restaurant group owner, Bear Cognition deployed a range of data collection methodologies, including APIs, Process Automations, and Web Scraping, to gather and consolidate data from all the owner's locations. This approach resulted in the creation of a unified reporting system that encompassed all essential aspects of the business. The report provided a holistic view of each location's performance, offering insights into labor and food costs, customer feedback, cash flow, and revenue metrics for both dine-in and takeout services. This integrated reporting tool enabled the owner and his team to access accurate, real-time data from a single platform, significantly enhancing their ability to make well-informed decisions and strategize effectively for business growth and optimization.


  • Comprehensive Data Integration from Multiple Restaurant Locations

  • Real-Time Insights into Key Metrics like Labor Costs, Food Costs, and Revenue Streams

  • Enhanced Decision-Making through a Centralized, User-Friendly Reporting Platform

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