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Centralized Data Processing

Business Impact

Reduction in Data Consolidation Time and Improvement in Report Accuracy

98% Model Accuracy 

Technologies Used

Amazon SQS Source Connector
Team of Data Professionals that work hand in hand with clients, collaborating on tailored solutions.

Problem Overview

A client faced the challenge of presenting their multi-platform marketing results in a clear and concise manner. The complexity arose from the fact that all their data was siloed within individual platforms, making it difficult to aggregate in a single reporting tool. This siloed approach led to inefficiencies, with increased loading times and the unwieldiness of handling a large volume of metrics, hindering effective data analysis and reporting.


Bear Cognition addressed the client's needs by implementing a robust data ingestion and consolidation process. We integrated data from various relevant platforms, including social media, search marketing, SEO, and website traffic, into our centralized database. This data then underwent a meticulous cleaning and preparation phase, ensuring its suitability for analysis. The pivotal step in this process was the creation of a single master table, or Analysis-Ready Table (ART). This table not only streamlined data from multiple sources but also guaranteed the accuracy and consistency of information used in client-facing reports. This solution effectively addressed the challenges of data fragmentation and processing delays, providing the client with a coherent, comprehensive view of their marketing efforts.


  • Unified Data Aggregation from Multiple Marketing Platforms

  • Efficient Data Cleaning and Preparation for Enhanced Reporting Accuracy

  • Creation of an Analysis-Ready Table (ART) for Streamlined Client Reporting

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