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Centralized Data Processing

Business Impact

Reduction in Data Consolidation Time and Improvement in Report Accuracy

98% Model Accuracy 

Technologies Used

Amazon SQS Source Connector

Problem Overview

A client faced the challenge of presenting their multi-platform marketing results in a clear and concise manner. The complexity arose from the fact that all their data was siloed within individual platforms, making it difficult to aggregate in a single reporting tool. This siloed approach led to inefficiencies, with increased loading times and the unwieldiness of handling a large volume of metrics, hindering effective data analysis and reporting.

Team of Data Professionals that work hand in hand with clients, collaborating on tailored solutions.


Bear Cognition addressed the client's needs by implementing a robust data ingestion and consolidation process. We integrated data from various relevant platforms, including social media, search marketing, SEO, and website traffic, into our centralized database. This data then underwent a meticulous cleaning and preparation phase, ensuring its suitability for analysis. The pivotal step in this process was the creation of a single master table, or Analysis-Ready Table (ART). This table not only streamlined data from multiple sources but also guaranteed the accuracy and consistency of information used in client-facing reports. This solution effectively addressed the challenges of data fragmentation and processing delays, providing the client with a coherent, comprehensive view of their marketing efforts.


  • Unified Data Aggregation from Multiple Marketing Platforms

  • Efficient Data Cleaning and Preparation for Enhanced Reporting Accuracy

  • Creation of an Analysis-Ready Table (ART) for Streamlined Client Reporting

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