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Real time venue performance and managment.

Track ticket sale trends to understand seat and zoning value per event. A real time dynamic visual platform highlights venue areas that are selling fast and calls out those that need adjustments to meet customer demand. Beyond ticket sales, track concessions and merchandise performance identifying popular items and points of purchase to maximize resource allocation. 

Consumer spending driven analytics.

Bear Cognition’s Venue Management System goes beyond the tickets and analyzes the valuable habits of the customer. Our platform builds customer profiles, identifying what repeat consumers are already buying so you have the information at hand to maximize their targeted experience. Use correlations among spending habits to empower your marketing with focused ads that drive revenue and impact your bottom line.

Spend smarter at consumer engaged sources.

Easily pull the source of sales to identify which digital advertising campaigns are working and which are getting lost in the muddle. Follow multiple accounts across your business to track sales conversations, develop new leads and drive consumer traffic to your event. Marketing ad reports show actual returns per ad highlighting past success rates to better plan and execute future campaigns.

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