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Bear Cognition Stands with Ukraine


Bear Cognition Stands with Ukraine

We got into the business of analytics to help companies become better and stronger.  As a company, we can also do the same for those in need in both the local and global community.  The unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and the continual heinous actions by Russian leadership and forces has left millions of lives upended and destroyed.  The Ukrainian people need everyone’s support.  We feel strongly about doing our part, whether through time, talent, treasure or just bringing constant light to truth.  Some of our BC team members have Ukrainian heritage.  Some have living family from Ukraine.  Some even still have family living there.  This senseless aggression is one that affects all good and free people at some level.  

Our Founder, Philip Erdoes, recently traveled to Poland with his family to serve Ukrainians who have become refugees and further help support the Polish people who are giving so freely of their resources.  Bear Cognition has aided several organizations in Poland and will continue looking for other ways to help, big or small.   


Regardless of where we come from, the language we speak, the traditions we hold dear, we are all human beings, who desire peace and prosperity.  We stand with many others around the world to protest this terrible war and support the strong and brave people of the Ukraine. 


Assistance of any kind is much needed for the people of Ukraine and those helping them on the ground.  If you’re unsure on how to give, we recommend joining Bear Cognition in supporting the Independence from the Kitchen Foundation (Samodzielność od Kuchni).   

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