BC Academy

Welcome to the BC Learning Paths and Training

Below you will find information about each pathway available at Bear Cognition. Everything begins with the Foundation course where you will become oriented in the tools, technologies, and practices of our teams. It is here that you will also be introduced to the Business Intelligence Specialization professional designation.

Each of the courses you see below are reserved for your learning pathway. Whether you are on: the technology team; consulting & analysis team; or project management & business development team, you will be requested to complete all corporate level courses and then have the option for a professional level course. 

The difference between corporate learning courses and professional courses are in who provides the training. We have our own standard operating procedures and practices that are covered in corporate courses. However, each discipline has industry level best practices and we encourage you to improve your professional capabilities through outside, third party certifications. 

We are always here when you need us, take a look at everything we have to offer! 


Foundations - All Personnel


Technology Personnel


Business Analysis & Consulting Personnel


Project Management & Business Development Personnel