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ROS: Precision Pricing for a Logistics Leader 

Automating Shipment Pricing for Maximum Efficiency and Profitability 

Real Results

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The Problem

The Solution

Our client’s sales team was spending five hours each week analyzing 100-page competitor invoices to calculate potential savings or the best margins, a task both tedious and error-prone due to missed fees and the lack of an effective cross-checks. 

Bear Cognition's Data Professionals custom-built the AI-driven Revenue Optimization System (ROS) to transform invoice data into strategic pricing insights. Utilizing Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and advanced machine learning algorithms, ROS delivers precise, real-time pricing recommendations. Additionally, we developed both internal and client-facing dashboards, enhancing transparency and allowing for more informed decision-making across all levels of operation. 

How We Did It




Before BC

Manual analysis, frequent errors

Slow, manual pricing adjustments

Slow customer acquisition

After BC

15-minute sessions, margin + 5-7pts

Automated, dynamic rate setting

Increased efficiency, enhanced customer growth. 

"Bear Cognition's ROS has been a complete game-changer. It not only slashed our operational costs but also significantly boosted our competitive edge in the market."
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