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Measurable Mental Health

"Mental will is a muscle that needs exercise, just like muscles of the body." - Lynn Jennings, Long Distance Olympian

In 2021, the sports world witnessed a pivotal moment when Naomi Osaka withdrew from the Grand Slam tournament. Her decision not only made headlines but also shone a bright spotlight on an issue often overlooked in the realm of athletics: the mental wellness of players. It's becoming increasingly evident that mental wellness is just as, if not more, impactful on a player's performance than their physical wellbeing.

The athletics industry, like many others, is shifting its attention towards identifying and supporting mental health wellness among athletes. Understanding that improving mental health can enhance overall performance, sports organizations are taking steps to prioritize the psychological well-being of their athletes. Bear Cognition offers the tools to monitor mental wellness and the technology to identify trends offering players support.

Bear Cognition's platform is able to monitor various key aspects of an athlete's life, including academic success or setbacks, stress levels, and sleep patterns. This holistic approach provides meaningful insights into a player's mental wellness, enabling coaches and organizations to make informed decisions best serving the overall needs of their athletes.

Creating a safe environment where players are encouraged to self-report and seek help when needed is a growing staple of the sports industry. Not only does this atmosphere foster personal development, but it also contributes to overall team wellness. Such an approach can enhance recruitment efforts, attracting athletes who value their mental health as much as their physical abilities. As mental health awareness continues to grow, the sports industry is embracing platforms like that offered by Bear Cognition to strive for more balanced, healthier, and successful programs.

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