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Stand out among your competitors and redefine your approach to data ingestion, interpretation, and strategic execution. At Bear Cognition, our exceptional team of specialists, combined with state-of-the-art technology, places your business at the forefront of data management innovation. 

Below sector examples highlight how Bear Cognitions’ team not only identifies the problems, but spearheads the charge towards solutions working hand in hand with clients. Don’t see your business sector represented? Reach out and we’ll explain how our model fits your needs.

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digital marketing

Data disrupting your flow? Defy the chaos with a single source of truth.

No two digital marketing data landscapes are alike - each business has unique needs and infrastructure silos. Rigid, one-size fits all solutions backfire. Bear Cognition flexes to meet each client precisely where they are and more importantly, get them where they’re going. We automate reporting, wrangle duplicates, and highlight the discrepancies providing clients with what they need: a single source of truth. Our custom approach lifts the data burden so digital marketers can focus on their business, not spreadsheets. 


As the digital marketing industry continues to expand, so does the need to connect new client’s growing number of data sources. Bear Cognition already builds, maintains, and warehouses nearly 300 data sources. Our team of engineers and analysts in the Data Lab can create any custom connectors to anything outside of what we already have access to. From there, we feed all that raw intel into our powerful transformation and curation tools - our secret sauce for spotting patterns and making sense of the noise. The system cuts out the grunt work so clients can focus on what matters: strategic decision-making for further acquisition and retention.  



All in all, Bear Cognitions tools and team provide an all-access pass to the rapidly changing digital marketing dataverse: the power to see around corners, stay ahead of trends and leave competitors tangled in their own webs. 

Our data team runs so your business can sprint.

Data creates a web, Bear Cognition cuts you through it. 

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Rapidly changing environments demand in-the-moment insights.

In the fast-paced world of the hospitality industry, there's no time for slow moves. Juggling daily operations while keeping a finger on the pulse of customer satisfaction leaves little time to tap into your data sources for the insights you need to grow. Bear Cognition’s seamless data management tools conquer the complexities of the industry.  


Actionable intelligence starts with collecting the right data. The Bear Cognition Data Lab team is able to pull data from nearly any software you currently use and create any new modules to show the full picture of your business in real-time. Easily identify profitable areas, observe seasonal patterns ahead of time, manage resources effectively, and get a handle on incoming and outgoing expenses to trim the fat and strengthen your bottom line.  

Beyond operations and finances, use Bear Cognitions tools to elevate your customers experience and tighten your team's performance. Compare the success and pain points across multiple locations in one visual platform to drive success using hard data. Hospitality is a tough industry, but you have a tougher partner in Bear Cognition so you can stop creating tedious reports and start making strategic decisions to drive growth. 

Put the data already at your fingertips in our hands to chart your success

Optimize team member performances. Elevate customer experiences

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human performance

Talent alone only takes you so far, let data launch your program to new heights.

Data democratization means actionable intelligence is readily available in every field, including on the field. Bear Cognition’s Human Performance modules intake data you already have at your fingertips to expose every weakness to exploit every advantage of your athlete’s performance, wellness and entire team’s success. 

Tired of getting lapped by the reports? Outrun them with streamlined visualizations. 

Stale and dated reports consume valuable time to both collect and analyze – if you’re able to make anything intelligible from them at all. Bear Cognition’s Human Performance modules collect your team's data in real time and seamlessly create an informative visual dashboard with insights. 


Beyond data interpretation and management, our SaaS platforms put the power in players hands allowing athletes to self-report wellness putting coaches and trainers a step ahead of a potentially benching injury. Dashboards are completely customizable to specific programs' needs and allow coaches to track progress over time calling attention to pain points and identifying winning strategies. 

Records are set to be broken. We provide the team and tools to break them.

Behind Bear Cognition’s game changing data management and visualization platforms are a team of seasoned experts in athletics, coaching and, of course, kickass analysts. Our unique modules and configurations come directly from our innate understanding of the demands. Clients are able to view layered insights using data from any of their verticals because we know that’s what you need. Our Data Lab team is able to transform every sprint, lift and drill into real-time meaningful insights.  

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Harness the data. Reign over the retail. 

Whether you're hustling to stack the shelves for back-to-school mayhem, gearing up for the holiday frenzy, or scheming to unleash the next viral ad campaign, the relentless retail industry shows no mercy. Bear Cognition’s data management is here to fuel your informed decision making and unleash the full potential of your retail empire, both in the brick-and-mortar store fronts and online arena. 


Bear Cognition’s team pulls in your data from across multiple silos into one insightful and easy-to-navigate platform. Track product performance and inventory levels, foreseeing consumer trends before your shelves are empty. Keep a real-time eye on sales, margins, and expenses to reveal the potential of your business and unleash its expansion with the power of your existing data.  


Quit playing the guessing game and start tapping into your customers' minds. Visually track their spending habits and social media interactions with your business to truly understand what drives sales. Spend valuable ad dollars wisely knowing which marketing campaigns have actually worked for you in the past. Compare profits and spending patterns across different locations, empowering you to reallocate resources where they’re really needed. Unleash the power of data with Beat Cognition and leave your competition scrambling through receipts and Excel sheets. 

A step ahead of the consumer demand, a leap ahead of the competition

Master your customer's minds, unleash their buying potential.

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supply chain

supply chain & logistics

Unravel the logistics, clear the roadway to success

Navigating Supply Chain Logistics is complicated enough, making it all too easy to lose sight of the vital data that impacts your business. Bear Cognition's data management tools cut through the clutter, providing real-time oversight into crucial information.  


Through our data connectors, we effortlessly gather the essential information you need, allowing you to visualize your profitability at any level, from the big picture down to each individual shipment. Monitor invoice status to keep both you and your customers up to speed, no surprises. Gain insight into every small parcel shipping option to spend less while delivering more. Grow your business the smart way with automated marketing campaign performance and social media engagement reports. 


Bear Cognition’s tools don’t just help monitor the costs of doing business but keep a vigilant eye on the shipments themselves with on the road carrier performance metrics and real time shipment visibility. In a world where delays are inevitable, stay one step ahead with live tracking and ensure your customers are always the first to know of any impact on their shipment. Pinpoint your triumphs and challenges by location, leveraging these insights to learn, adapt, and execute with the hard data backing your informed choices. 

Ship smarter, grow smarter.

Real-time visibility means informed business agility. 

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Venue Managment

venue management

Real time venue performance and managment.

Track ticket sale trends to understand seat and zoning value per event. A real time dynamic visual platform highlights venue areas that are selling fast and calls out those that need adjustments to meet customer demand. Beyond ticket sales, track concessions and merchandise performance identifying popular items and points of purchase to maximize resource allocation. 


Bear Cognition’s Venue Management System goes beyond the tickets and analyzes the valuable habits of the customer. Our platform builds customer profiles, identifying what repeat consumers are already buying so you have the information at hand to maximize their targeted experience. Use correlations among spending habits to empower your marketing with focused ads that drive revenue and impact your bottom line.


Easily pull the source of sales to identify which digital advertising campaigns are working and which are getting lost in the muddle. Follow multiple accounts across your business to track sales conversations, develop new leads and drive consumer traffic to your event. Marketing ad reports show actual returns per ad highlighting past success rates to better plan and execute future campaigns.

Consumer spending driven analytics.

Spend smarter at consumer engaged sources.

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