How We Do It

Bear Cognition delivers a complete and advanced analytics solution at a fraction of the price. We do this by first delivering our innovative data management platform called Perceptivity. Perceptivity works from the cloud and aggregates limitless sources of both data and analytics from your vendors to your customers and everything in between.

See what our analysts can do.

We provide each customer with a dedicated data analyst who can deploy basic to advanced modeling techniques to analyze your data and tell you what has happened (descriptive), what could happen (predictive), and what you should do next (prescriptive). 

Our value proposition

When it comes to the world of data and analytics, the right software in the hands of the right person can tip the scale and provide an exceptional strategic advantage.  When the total cost to analyze, assess, and execute is a fraction of what it would cost you to go it alone, partnering with Bear Cognition becomes no brainer.  

Our goal is to make your business and its workforce smarter, faster, and better by providing actionable business intelligence.  Actionable is what makes us unique.  Through the use of managed analytics and market insights, we can deploy specialized software and supporting applications as well as provide organizational training development services.