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Bear Cognition is all about finding success and enjoyment in everything we do.  Our team members have the environment and support to grow professionally and personally.


Loving what you do and loving who you’re doing it with is an ideal situation.  That’s what you’ll find here at BC!

Bear Cognition is more than a leading provider of actionable intelligence.  It’s a team of people who collectively work together to achieve success, growth and having a great time!

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company culture

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about our team

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how we hire 

We know that a resume only tells a part of a candidate’s story.  Of course, we’re looking for the best talent, but we also want the best fit for our team.  We greatly value the attributes of being hard working and having a positive attitude.  When you make that the foundational piece of all your team members you go a long way to building a truly enjoyable and successful culture.  We also recognize that hiring is a two-way street.  We want our candidates to have every opportunity to see the full picture of who we are and what their role would be.  We feel our candidates should be energized and excited upon coming on board with Bear Cognition.  For this reason, every step of the interview process is designed to provide them with insight and understanding of who we are and what it's like to be a part of the BC Family. 

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